SportyBet Register: Overview

Offer Activated
Offer Activated

Sports betting has improved, from traditional face-to-face betting wherein players cash in for casino money and bet on the games they play, up until now, where players can deposit real money or cryptocurrencies through online banks or different deposit options of a sports betting site, and gamble it to the matches they want to participate.

In terms of betting, SportyBet is the best sports betting site in Nigeria today as it caters its users to massive promotions, a huge selection of games to bet on, high odds across matches, legit withdrawal of winnings with the best customer service available 24/7. SportyBet register can be accessed through a personal desktop, laptop, mobile browser, or the SportyBet app that can be downloaded from an apk file or play store.

SportyBet Overall Rating

Overall Rating 5/5
Trust and Fairness 5/5
Games and Software 5/5
Bonuses and Promotions 5/5
Customer Support 5/5

SportyBet User Interface

SportyBet has legit one of the good-looking user interfaces across sports betting sites in Nigeria. Its white and red theme makes its users see all the sections the platform has. And it is also pleasing to the eyes, especially when players make a bet on their favorite sports or team’s matches.

100% Welcome Bonus up to 50000 NGN

SportyBet main page

SportyBet Special Features

In terms of features, SportyBet has almost everything a punter needs. From games being offered, both sports and eSports, it is overwhelming and unreal as it has high odds compared to other sports betting sites in Nigeria. SportyBet also offers live betting, which players can now bet real-time on their favorite teams, it may be in basketball, football, tennis, table tennis, badminton, or even in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Dota 2, or League of Legends.

5 / 5
5 / 5

100% Welcome Bonus up to 50000 NGN


Moreover, SportyBet has one of the most innovative customer support as users can communicate with them through real-time chat, wherein it will only take less than a minute for players to receive a reply from the administrators. SportyBet also provides a FAQ section, where the most asked questions are being answered and provide extensive answers to its users.

How to Register on SportyBet

To enjoy the benefits and privileges that SportyBet is offering to its users, one should have an account on their platform and deposit to receive such gifts and free bets. To do that, he or she should know how to register on SportyBet.

  1. Go to www.SportyBet.comю
  2. In the upper right corner, you will see the ‘register’ button.
  3. Put your mobile phone number, which starts with +254.
  4. Set your desired password for your account.
  5. Left-click the ‘Create Account’ button.
  6. A 6-digit code will be sent to your phone number for verification.
  7. Type the 6-digit code on the box provided for final verification.
  8. Then click ‘proceed’;
  9. The site will now redirect you to its home page.
  10. Enjoy betting in your favorite games.

SportyBet create account

SportyBet Registration Using Facebook Account

SportyBet has partnered with Facebook in terms of user accounts and privacy, which makes it easier for its players to log in to the website by just having an FB account. And now, to register using Facebook, here are the following steps:

  1. If you don’t have a Facebook account, you should register first.
  2. Once you have verified and confirmed your email address used in Facebook;
  3. You can now proceed to
  4. At the upper right corner of the SportyBet homepage, you will see an F icon, which stands for Facebook, click it;
  5. It will ask for your mobile phone number, which again starts with +254.
  6. Once you have filled in your phone number, a 6-digit code through SMS will be sent to your phone.
  7. Type the 6-digit code on the verification box and;
  8. Click ‘proceed’;
  9. You can now do whatever you want on the platform;
  10. But it is advisable to make your first deposit to receive about $14 of free bets.

SportyBet Register Via SMS

A lot of people been having a hard time registering SportyBet via mobile app, it is maybe because of the following reasons:

  • Their mobile phone’s model is outdated, which means SportyBet won’t run on their system.
  • Their mobile phone number may be fake (because some of them are not from Nigeria).
  • Or they have read the wrong instructions on how to register SportyBet.

However, registering SportyBet is easy as these:

  1. Make sure you have downloaded the updated SportyBet application through an apk file or from Google Play Store.
  2. Proceed to the ‘Join Now’ button, which is located at the upper right of your mobile phone screen.
  3. Double-check from what region you belong to (it must be Nigeria).
  4. Fill in the box with your legitimate phone number.
  5. Once done, verify the phone number you have registered by clicking the ‘Verification through SMS’;
  6. A 6-digit code will be sent into your phone’s inbox.
  7. Retype it carefully to the verification box.
  8. Click ‘proceed’ and;
  9. You can now make your first deposit, or;
  10. Navigate yourself to different sections of SportyBet.

SportyBet live betting

SportyBet Mobile App

The future of sports betting is nowhere as SportyBet introduces its app to its players, where it is free, easy to download, and free from viruses. On top of that, the app’s design is chef’s kiss, from its theme design to its well-organized buttons and app sections, it is insanely unreal how they developed it.

Final Verdict

With the continuous innovation and improvement of SportBet’s services to its users, it is no question why they are considered to be the number one sports betting site in Nigeria. And with the number of active users every day is increasing, it is massive, and you can see their dedication to give their best for them. Lastly, with the launching and constant upgrades on their app, they will surely make their users hype and love them.

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